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Green Sun release new generation grow led light Cloudy family
Time:2013-11-12 15-19-58

After devoted working in agriculture lighting system , Green Sun released new generation of grow led light , Cloudy
Cloudy series led grow light is to address issues below
1 In all last generations of led grow light, the lighting mixture extent is relatively low due to the distance among the devices is too far , Cloudy, we use the matrix led( COB) solution to narrow the distance among the devices, on other hand , color embeds each other more deeper, generally , this matrix LED emit one color which suits plant growing most.
2 We can separate the whole lighting area into small cells, the intensity on the small cell, is up to the lighting system efficiency ; basically, optics angle , beam angle , current on single device, the quantity of effective lighting device on single light area are key factors of influence. On COB unit, we increase more effective lighting device in lighting area, accordingly , lighting efficiency can level up to next stage.
3 In last generation of led grow light , we take this concept as granted , core lux could be highest one, marginal , surely……. Lowest one. Guess Gause(if possible)will connect this change with mathematical wire, it is some kind of Evest curve. This kind of curve produces marginal plant grow very slow, Cloudy’s intensity change chart is relative smooth, in real application, the plant marginal grow under similar lighting system with core part.

Inheriting ZNET family led grow light  advantage , such as full spectrum ,powerfully device emitting capability, module design, availability of three minute maintenance itec.
it bring more amazing boosting capacity to the lighting system , bring more profit on harvest
For the appearance ,Green sun designer crashes mindset that led grow light should be regular rectangle , we use many ARC design to make friendly touchable feeling, and leave many creative inspiration for end customers , along with environment , Cloudy bring function , besides , Art

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