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Our pot
Time:2013-11-09 10-01-25

May be impulsive , may also be a casual, simple words , " What do you want ? " " I want to eat hot pot ! " Opened since the first time we meet fondue party.
   Our hostel also like schools, are bunk beds, almost similar to the way we live , work, eat, sleep , three-point line style . The occasional pot will be , but we had to be stirred up when the blood of the school , sparking a kind of out to the community , vowing as a Fan , indomitable , return the family 's ambition .
   Everything along the passage of time , everything clean slate that year , back to the past, from time to time will find that people have changed . Stark reality of society , so that your goals become blurred , so that you become a distant ideal . Once full of longing for you, now in order to survive , at work persisted.
   Simple pot will , so that we chatted on campus may have been similar picture , in order to burn the midnight oil , there are dormitory administrator guerilla warfare , in order to skip class to play basketball , and teachers wits . Just two hours , as if back to the past . See each of my colleagues chatted about things in those years , his face will reveal that innocent smile , without any modification, no trace of sand infiltration . I suddenly think, is not all that year , only to be social chaos Picks lived his eyes , and did not deny sinking up heart.
   Will not change, seasons change but the logic in all the time to chase it, so I can change your appearance , changing things around a lot , even change you my heart , it is an ideal thing for the target firm , I deeply believe in .