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LEDinside Review 2013 LED industry patent dispute
Time:2013-12-26 09-36-11

LED lighting industry in 2013 with the temperature of fermentation and into the back , while the patent battle continued hot LED factory staged , did not quell signs. Recalling storm in 2013 caused by the patent , the patent battle with Japan Nichia LED packaging factory and Taiwan Everlight LED packaging factory among the most representative , Everlight and Nichia 's patent battle in Japan, China , United States, Germany and other places spread , Nichia patent litigation with Taiwan LED packaging factory East Bay, Hong Qi also occupy a lot between the news pages . In addition, Korean TV makers Samsung and LG to reach a settlement in the OLED patent also led to outside attention.

Five patent challenges facing Taiwan LED plant

Taiwan's LED industry in 2013 from the impact of the industry downturn , but in the patent litigation is still facing a lot of pressure, especially from Western and Japanese manufacturers original cloth under the patent network , as well as mainland China manufacturers catch up. Taiwan manufacturers in order to break the patent , European and American manufacturers must overcome patent siege , the lack of technical development thinking patent portfolio , long-term difficulties in integrating the industrial chain , the domestic patent system lacks depth understanding of the industry , as well as other five patents cockroach infestations challenge.

VS billion light Nichia , Audibles all-out war

Nichia patent battle between light and million in 2013 armistice no sign of the two LED packaging factory in patent litigation all the way to Germany and the United States from Japan , Nichia Taiwan again in 2013 and held a press conference described billion light patent litigation between progress , this time, Nichia big attitude change , only to illustrate the attitude is different from 2012 , when the press conference was held in 2013 , the wording into a tough , light involves declared million for infringing products fully open patent war.

Nichia VS East Bay

Patent litigation relationships Taiwan factory , named the East Bay and also one between Nichia , however , are not directly sue Nichia patent infringement East Bay , but through cooperation with the East Bay sue Japanese path Tsann , on the East Bay LED lighting impact exported to Japan , the Tokyo District Court and also in March 2013 , then made Nichia patent is invalid judgment , dismissed Nichia for customers in the East Bay lighting patent infringement lawsuits .


In Everlight and Nichia patent litigation battle hit full swing , LED packaging factory in Taiwan and Hong Qi Nichia 's patent battle quietly ignited Spark , Wang Qi on November 5, 2013 East Texas federal district court ( Eastern District of Texas Tyler Division) proposed lawsuit against Nichia and its U.S. subsidiary NichiaAmerican Corpration manufacturing a variety of LED products, patent infringement Wang Qi , Wang Qi addition to asking the court to prohibit the infringement of Nichia outside and asked Nichia of compensation for their losses.

Samsung VS LG, OLED patent settlement

In addition to giant LED patent war clouds , the two South Korean television factory Samsung (SAMSUNG) and LG (LG) in the OLED patent war can not take your eyes off let industry focus. This is the biggest pile of Kai OLED patent litigation Case LG took the lead in the 2012 fire , sued Samsung products infringe their rights, after a year of litigation , the two plants in September 2013 announced a settlement .

Cree VS Cooper, LED lighting patents dragged

U.S. LED maker Cree, Inc. Filed with the U.S. Federal District Court , Eastern Wisconsin, February 19, 2013 patent infringement told to sue the production sell LED lighting devices Cooper Lighting, LLC sold a number of companies manufacturing LED lighting products, Cooper is currently using the area especially in the AccuLED Optics patented optical system of area lighting , street lamps and other LED lighting products , patents, U.S. Patent No. US 8,282,239 rights violations Cree have, one of which is named Ventus LED 's / street lighting equipment products , the Cree have violated U.S. patent US 8,070,306.

Lighting Science VS Cree, LED lighting patent offensive

Florida lighting company Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSG company , the plaintiff ) on April 10, 2013 on North Carolina 's Cree, Inc. (Cree) filed patent infringement complaint , the request to grant an injunction and damages the court compensation. LSG company the patent is U.S. Patent US 8,201,968, entitled " contour lighting " (low profile light). Cree production system LSG company accused of trafficking T67 LED Downlights 1-6,9,14 infringement of its patents , the claims 17-20 and 22 , the product used for the mosaic on the ceiling . The whole cause of action in Florida district court for trial .

Bayco VS Philips , LED headlights patent dispute to be solved

Headquartered in Texas Bayco Products, Inc. ( Hereinafter referred to as Bayco) on February 26, 2013 , in Dallas , Texas, USA , North Branch District Court (Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division) filed a patent infringement complaint void and of no products , controlled the Dutch company Philips (Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV) and Philips USA (US Philips Corp.) subsidiary of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards ( hereinafter collectively referred to as Philips) the patent is invalid. Plaintiff Bayco on November 28, 2012 the defendant received a notification letter Philips , noting the plaintiff Bayco production model XPP-5450 series dual-function headlights patent infringement , and require the plaintiff Bayco must respond , so the plaintiff Bayco feel threatened , Therefore, a patent is invalid and non- infringement complaint products .

Enplas VS Seoul Semiconductor , backlight device patent litigation war does not break

2013 LED patent litigation war spread in addition to lighting, backlighting related patent litigation between manufacturers has not relented, Japanese optical electronic parts supplier Enplas Display Device Corporation and its U.S. subsidiary Enplas Tech Solutions, Inc. And Enplas (USA) , Inc. ( hereinafter collectively referred to Enplas) filed on October 29, 2013 to the United States Northern District of California Federal District Court requesting confirmation of the complaint, requested the court to confirm that South Korea's largest LED supplier, Seoul Semiconductor (Seoul Semiconductor Company, Ltd.) from the United States a large group Teledyne acquired the company premises migrated with LED backlight two related patents, Enplas not been supplied to other LED lighting products factory used LED lenses (lenses) components of the infringement , and the two patents to be invalid.