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Doctor: LED Chinese Dream - reality and realize
Time:2013-11-29 18-14-10

"Over the past year , in the upstream , domestic brands began to break fast . Lighting downstream market , many companies began to seek its own position , including the establishment and development of the above channels have great action , while multinational brands localization of the fusion trend more obvious . " Dr. Zhang Xiaofei , said the definition of a dream theme LED China 2013 LED Engineering Congress also follow the trend of development of the industry .

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei believe that 2013 was an exciting year, due to the rapid development of the lighting industry , driven by the downstream production can be fully exploited , but also to overcapacity slowed. Whether it is to make materials, facilities, equipment, and a whole industry thriving . But 2013 is also the industry who are very anxious to make a year . Although a lot of orders , the number of products up, revenue growth , but fierce price war , increasingly slim profit margins .

On the future development trend of LED industry , the Dr. Zhang Xiaofei next five years , LED applications in addition to indoor and outdoor, automotive lighting , specialty lighting, will enter a slow growth period, 2015 LED penetration rate will exceed 60 % by the end of 2018 , LED lighting, lighting output value accounted for 80% of output .